Here's What Server Lifters Can Do For You

If you have to move your company to a new building and need to take servers along with you, you know you need something like a server lifter to get the job done. But these are not just random pieces of equipment that you have to have because someone else said so. Server lifters help keep you and your co-workers safe, and they can help keep the servers safe even if you aren't moving your company.

Four Tips To Help You Build A Silent, Compact HTPC For Your Home Theatre

If you want to have the most modern entertainment for your home theatre center, there are many essential features you want to have. An HTPC (Home Theatre Personal Computer) can give you everything you want for your entertainment. If you do your own custom build, the sky is the limit for the things you will be able to do. Here are some things to create a console killing, silent HTPC: